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A selection of branding materials I have done under Parea Design studios. These include full on branding, from logos, collaterals and store design.

Arkipelago is a street food complex located in Makati City, Philippines. For this, the team was tasked to create the logo. The logo, which is a combination of three pins, symbolizing that its the place for art, for food and to play- creating the Arkipelago heart pin.

Various interiors have been designed and filled with murals to finish this urban escape.

Image of Arkipelago branding.

Black Dog is a beer and cocktail bar tucked inside Arkipelago. Logo, store design and collaterals have been developed for this American inspired bar.

Image of Black Dog branding.

Lako is a Filipino street food cart offering grilled meat and snacks as a perfect companion to drinking.

Image of Lako branding.

Washoku is a Japanese restaurant located inside the Arkipelago street food complex. Logos and collaterals have been designed for them. The logo is reminiscent of Japan’s rising sun.

Image of Washoku branding.

Thai Queen is an authentic Thai restaurant, not only serving Thai food but also offering cooking courses. The team has designed their logo mark, interior decals, packaging and several social media posts.

Image of Thai Queen branding.

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