Nissin Sugoi.


|   Nissin


|   Introduce the new cheesy product line and reinforce its superior Japanese imagery

Nissin, the worldwide leader of instant noodles, were releasing a new cheesy line in the Philippines. The task was to introduce the new product and reinforce the Nissin’s superiority through its Japanese imagery.

Tapping into Filipinos love for anime, while keeping in mind of the new mindblowing flavor- we visualized it via an ‘anime’ transformation which perfectly captures the surprising flavor along with a strong Japanese imagery.

Two spots were made to introduce the two Nissin Cup Noodles cheesy seafood flavors. We worked closely alongside the illustrator and production to ensure the quality and consistency of materials.

In addition to the TVC spots, severel OOH materials, social posts and digital content were produced based on the TVC characters.

Design for 4 characters used in the Nissin ad.
Billboard design of a drawing wtih girl and a guy each eating from the Nissin Cheesy Seafood cup.
Mobile view of the Nissin characters and another with the sample add.
3 posters featuring the girl eating from the nissin cup, the guy eating from it and tow cups of Nissin Cheesy Seafood.

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